What a Sick Day Looks Like for a Stay At Home Mom…


So it happened. Of course it did. Not one week into being a stay at home mom, I got sick. And not stuffy, sluggish, sinusy, general blah feeling crap. I can handle that stuff like a champ. I’m talking full on bug bit me out of no where creating 24 longer than ever hours of excruciating misery.

Ya see, 3 months ago as a working mom, this would have gone a lot differently. I would have woken up feeling miserable, my husband would have taken the kids to daycare, work responsibilities would be put aside, and I would get to ride out my 24 hours barely moving, cuddled under blankets, sleeping and catching up on Netflix.

But circumstances are different now, you can’t put off the responsibility of being a parent; and by 9:30 in the morning I already wanted to cry. You can’t sit on the couch like a blob when you have an 1.5 year old and a 2 month old. There’s diapers to be changed and bellies to be fed. I was out so hard though that walking the 20 feet to the bedroom and lifting a child up on to the changing pad to change a diaper felt comparable to the half marathon I ran.

Here’s the thing, my children are EASY! And they must have felt my pain because they were even more exceptionally easy. They both took 3 hour naps around the same time and when they were awake were way less needy than normal. And given all that, it was still miserable! I can’t imagine having a kid who was sick at the same time or a colicky baby or just an ultra energetic child on that kind of day.

Let me tell you how the day panned out. No one made it out of pajamas from the night before. The baby was relegated to the swing for almost the entirety of the day with the exception of his 10 minute feedings. As for my toddler, I made sure all the doors were closed and anything was up that could be dangerous and then I let her run amok until she was quiet for too long, forcing me to lift my 500 lb. head. She survived on food packs and crackers for lunch and time between diaper changes were stretched for a longer duration than I care to admit.

People, this shit was hard. I’m brand new at this stay at home parent life and it was my first slap in the face in realizing stay at home parents are superheroes. Trying to keep two kids alive when you feel like death yourself is a heavy task. By the grace of God, at the end of the day, both kids did survive and I somehow managed to as well. I woke up the next morning extremely grateful that the nasty bite decided to leave after 24 hours instead of lingering on, and that the asshole of a bug left my children unbitten (it’s only been 2 days though so… KNOCK ON WOOD).

A few days ago, I felt like my cape wasn’t in full force, that it was failing me. It felt like it’d been cut, barely able to lift my feet off the ground. But upon further reflection, maybe it’s the hardest days when our capes are the longest. Because if you can get yourself and the kids through days like that (albeit with some questionable parenting) that has to be some kind of superpower, right?

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