The Sweet (and Exhausting) Arrival of a New Little One



If you’ve been following our Facebook page at all, you saw that C apologized for our lack of posts and being quiet but that we both soon would have some exciting news to share.

And mine is that we have FINALLY welcomed the newest addition to our family. My baby boy was born on the 16th of February. Lots of people have already said “aw wouldn’t it have been cute if he was born on Valentine’s Day?”. I for one though, am so relieved he wasn’t! Sure, it’s sweet for the first few years maybe. But then how much would that have sucked for him as an adult? Having to wine and dine someone else on his day! I’m quite happy that he dodged that date.

Ya know what I wasn’t happy about though? That he was late. C mentioned we’ve been quiet. Well, I’ve been very quiet because I was moody as all hell. I couldn’t even think about writing because I didn’t even want to talk to anyone. (I can’t say enough how grateful I am to my sister for keeping this blog and our Facebook moving forward) Any other mamas out there know the feeling of wanting to respond like a fire breathing dragon when someone asks the question, “How are you doing?”. But you can’t, because well, people are just being nice. And the truth is, if no one asked how I was doing, that would probably have upset me too. Nevertheless, well meaning texts from friends received my icy one word answers and FaceTime calls simply went ignored. I finally sent a text to my closest friends saying I was crabby, didn’t want to talk and that they were my friends so they could forgive me later! I think the lesson here is that there is no pleasing a woman past her due date!

But now he is here, and I am back to being the more cheerful version of myself, if not the much more exhausted. My daughter was a great sleeper from day one. This one on the other hand has his days and nights confused. I have a feeling he’s going to get turned around just in time for us to move back to the states. On the other hand, he’s an amazing eater! Baby boy was born big at 8 lbs 13 oz. If you don’t know, I’m in Japan and gave birth in a Japanese hospital. Their babies are about 5 to 6 lbs at birth so the doctors and nurses can’t stop commenting on my oversized baby. He just keeps getting bigger too! Ya know how most babies lose weight at first? Not this guy, he hasn’t lost an ounce and just keeps growing. Breastfeeding with my daughter was a struggle the whole time, a constant fight, and exhausting. It is amazing what a weight off the shoulders it is for it to be easy this time around.

The breastfeeding and sleeping aren’t the only differences between my kids. My daughter was content from day one. In fact, often times, putting her down in her bouncy chair stopped her crying. It’s like she felt she just needed her own time and space. And at almost 18 months old, she still is that way. So far, baby boy is the exact opposite. He is hating the bassinet but the second he’s picked up he’s content as can be. I know we’re only five days in, and he’ll be changing a lot (as my daughter will continue to also). But on the other hand, we’re only 5 days in and there’s already such clear differences in them! I find it so interesting and I’m fascinated to see their differences and similarities continue to emerge.

My daughter seems to be teeter tottering on the role of best friend or arch enemy. The first time she met him she gently patted his head enough for us adults to let our guards down before wacking him on the head. I’m happy to say the next meeting (we’re still in the hospital) she requested to hold him and then hugged him without any prompting. We’ll see how she does when she realizes later today he’s coming home to stay for good!

So, I know I’ve had nothing profound to say today. Just wanted to share the exciting update over here. There are so many changes happening right now as I’ve said before. Welcoming a new baby, having my last baby enter toddlerhood, taking on a stay at home mom role for at least the next 8 months, husband deploying, and us moving back to the states. It’s a lot to take on. But as I sit here and write this my baby boy is curled up on me looking up at me and I know that even though my hands are full, my heart is much, much fuller.

• K


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