This Is Why We March

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For those who still fail to understand:

Women aren’t marching because they’re whiny hags who don’t understand the vast privileges we enjoy compared to culturally repressed countries. The expectation of change is not contingent on solving every other worldly injustice first. They aren’t marching because they are hedonists who have waited their whole lives to wear pink hats and scream the word “pussy” on national tv. And they certainly aren’t marching because they want to bash men or use their gender as a scapegoat for every bad experience life throws their way.

They are marching in protest of a man whose ascendance to the presidency normalizes mistreatment of women. You want to explain away his hot mic comments as nothing more than poor judgement? Fine. You want to dismiss the claims of sexual assault as fake? Go for it. You want to pretend Ivana Trump testified under oath that he raped her because divorces are messy? Gross but ok.

Of course, the list doesn’t stop there. This man objectifies women without a second thought. He openly discusses his visions of them on their knees. He mocks the appearance of his female political opponents. He uses their periods as an insult the way middle schoolers do. He ogles his own daughter, proudly boasts of his many infidelities, and claims he could have ‘nailed’ Princess Diana. The man is repulsed by the thought of a wife with an identity outside the home, claiming he gets bored when they become successful. He has called breastfeeding disgusting, instead opting to judge women according to the size of their breasts and deeming smaller chests “pancake tits.” Cute. Every single one of these examples (and countless more) are verifiable and on the record.

So yeah, we will march. We will do it because we won’t allow a bully in his bully pulpit to shame women for their bodies or degrade them by virtue of their gender. And this goes beyond rhetoric. His administration is already looking to cut programs that provide support to domestic abuse victims. On day one, he began the process of repealing the ACA without having a new plan in place. This could, once again, result in women paying more for health insurance simply because they are women. He vows to defund Planned Parenthood, which provides reproductive healthcare and preventative screenings to women all over this country. You want to use abortion as your trump card? It would be more effective if you advocated for preventative measures like birth control and sex education instead. Until that day comes, kindly take a seat.

While Donald Trump is busy grabbing pussy, the women who marched yesterday will be busy grabbing back… grabbing seats in the House and the Senate, grabbing attention away from his narcissistic tweeting, and grabbing the microphone so that we can say loud and clear, “We see you and we’re coming for you.”

You call that whiny? I call that powerful.

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One thought on “This Is Why We March

  1. WELL said! Thank you.

    We march because we STILL have the right to do so, and we are determined to keep that right. We march to wake up other women (and men) who may not be thinking clearly about cause and *effect* – hoping and praying that they will speak out WITH us.

    We ALSO march to alert those in the Senate and House that we do NOT like what we see coming, and that, unless they step up and sing out in opposition, their seats are not secure.

    We march for our collective children – boys as well as girls – so that they will have no doubt that decent people object to Trumpet’s actions – that his tweets and brays are NOT acceptable behavior, *especially* for a man whom we expect to be a role model for the behavior we hope to inspire in this country.

    We march for our *children’s* continued access to affordable preventative health care – and to object to the Republican “leaders” who ring-in *against* protection for pre-existing conditions.

    We will CONTINUE to march for the rights of every single child in America to a Free and Appropriate Education – and a great many of us know what FAPE stands for – UNLIKE McDonald’s incredibly inappropriate suggestion for Sec. of Education.

    She IS uncharacteristically wealthy, however – so we march to make the world understand that money is not ALL this country reveres – and that we strenuously object to Corporate Capitalist policies at the expense of the large majority of Americans — and to a president who seems to believe that Cabinet seats can be purchased.

    We march because we want it *clear* that we refuse to accept even ONE step backwards – that his promise of “draining the swamps” cannot include building metaphorical skyscrapers for the mega–wealthy in their place.

    And we pray that increasingly more men will join us – the fathers, the men who yearn to marry *partners* not ornaments, and those who respect fidelity and abhor this Trumpet’s public glorification of drunken frat-boy behavior – because they will realize that standing up for the rights of over 50% of this country – their daughters, their wives, their aunts and mothers and grandmothers – is the TRUE measure of manhood.

    And we will continue to organize.

    As more and more of us join the Boycott Movement, those currently in government will eventually have no choice but to get the message in a language they seem go understand best: “Don’t even try it – we can and WILL shut down this country *before* we will allow you to take away even ONE of our rights and protections” – speaking for safety for ourselves, our children and our neighbors, regardless of race, creed, financial situation, or original nationality.

    We will not go silently into anybody’s night and we will NOT stand by to watch Germany’s history repeat on our soil.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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