10(ish) Facebook Pages You Need to “Like” Today


Admit it: you find yourself scrolling through some form of social media on a daily basis, sometimes mindlessly. We all do it – well, most of us anyway. We do it for a variety of reasons and in numerous ways but its influence is undeniable. It has simply become a way of life for many of us. Of course, we’ve all felt that tinge of guilt from time to time, too. After all, is it really worth quality time with friends and family to sneak a peak at the vacation pictures of a classmate you haven’t spoken to in a decade? Probably not.

Kick the guilt and tailor your social media in more positive ways instead. I’ve given you a head start with these 10(ish) Facebook pages to start following. Ranging from practical to educational to inspirational, they make your social media world a little more worthwhile and a lot more capable of changing your real life for the better.

1.)  Special Books by Special Kids

You may not be familiar with his site, but you have probably seen the videos of him complimenting his students as a daily ritual. A special education teacher, Chris Ulmer is on a mission to bring awareness and empathy to the joys and struggles of special needs individuals. To do so, he now travels the world interviewing children and adults, bringing much needed visibility to the community. Check out the Miracle Baby video where he talks with a family who is near and dear to my own heart.

2.) I fucking love science

Don’t let the language deter you. This page is definitely a keeper! They bill themselves as “the lighter side of science” – a description that fits well. From technology to astronomy to archeology, there’s something here for everyone. And if you’ve ever wondered why nipples get erections, you’re in luck! Bizarre and informative, this site is sure to teach you something new everyday.

Honorable mentions: LiveScienceScienceDump, and Science Channel.

(Like ’em all and watch your brain grow!)

3.) mental_floss

We all have that one annoying person in our lives who can whip out the most random piece of trivia at any given moment. If you’re me, you have two. But you love them anyway and secretly wish you could be like them. Well now you can! Keep your curiosity satiated and your pockets full of winnings from your local bar’s next trivia night. This is a page you can’t afford to pass up!

4.) Buy Me That

Guys, we are 116 days away from Christmas. If you think that sounds like a lot, you are either way more organized than I am or don’t have kids… or both. The truth is, we all know Santa is going to sneak up on us like the shifty home intruder he is so it’s time to start preparing! Check out this site for some truly unique gifts. It takes the stress out of store shopping and even gives you a heads up on all the best deals. I particularly love their ever changing “Can You Get Through This Post Without Spending $50?” And the answer is no. No, I cannot.

oregon trail
You know you want it! (not the dysentery)

5.) Politifact

I realize this election year might be making you wish you were a fish or an alien or anything else that would negate your duties as an American citizen BUT it’s always important to stay informed of the world around you, even if that world seems to have been lifted straight out of a poorly written and confusing cartoon. Politifact saves the day with their easy to understand graphics and in depth explanations of statements made by government officials. Some cry bi-partisan reporting but since they have been accused by followers of both major parties, it’s safe to assume that the truth does, in fact, hurt. Their Pulitzer Prize for coverage of the 2008 election ain’t too shabby, either.

6.) Tasty

One of the first things my husband learned about me when we moved in together was that I’m a terrible cook. Oops… I guess I forgot to mention it! Years later, I still feel uncomfortable in the kitchen but I truly love this page. Their quick videos provide dinner inspiration in our house at least 4 nights a week because they are so delicious and so easy. This will become your go to meal planning site, for sure!

7.) The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

When life gets you down and the news becomes too depressing to watch, you’ll be glad you’ve added this page. In addition to uplifting stories, they provide resources for teachers and concrete ways to make a difference. Their website opens with the following:

Imagine a world.
Where people look out for each other.
Where we all pay it forward.
Where success is measured in selfless acts.
Where kindness is the philosophy of life.

You need this in your life. Trust me.

8.) Weird History

Your textbooks didn’t cover cover it all. Not even close. This page takes an entertaining and informative approach to history that will keep you coming back for more.

Because if you didn’t giggle before when you heard the name, President Johnson, you definitely will from now on.

If history is your thing, consider these as well: History In PicturesHistory Uncovered, and HistoryBuff.com

9.) FiveThirtyEight

Nate Silver is a renowned statistician who buoyed his original site into the larger umbrella of FiveThirtyEight. Dissecting politics, sports, economics, and a variety of other issues, it provides mere mortals, like me, with a data-driven understanding of the world in which we live. You’ll be intrigued by their predictions and appreciative of the follow up. In a world where we have such difficulty knowing who and what to believe, this page is refreshingly analytical and uncompromising.

10.) George Takei

You’ll come for the content but stay for the puns because George can always make you laugh.What I appreciate most about this page is that he constantly encourages discussion and healthy debate, just like we do here at Loud Is Ladylike. Trust me on this one, Sulu and his presentation of current events are out of this world.

….See what I did there?

Happy interneting, friends!

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**C also writes for POMP USA, a start up company promoting businesses owned by service members, veterans, and their spouses.

Please visit www.pompusa.org for more information**



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