Living Life Outdoors … With A Baby & Osprey


I’m born and raised in a suburb of Chicago. I have loved Illinois my whole life and really had very little desire or intent to leave. When I began dating my husband, I started traveling to Arizona, Virginia and California to visit him. The beauty of those places had me in awe. Don’t get me wrong, there’s beauty in farm land too but seeing mountains, cactuses, and beaches in reality was completely new for me and  it began my itch for travel, adventure, and the outdoors.

My husband is also from Chicago, and while we love it we’ve made the decision to never plant there long term, mostly because of the weather. In Illinois it’s usually too hot or too cold to be outside for 9 months out of the year. We decided we want our kids growing up outdoors. We want them immersed in adventure and nature.

We also decided right when I got pregnant that our baby girl was coming into our lives, not the other way around. Of course there are adjustments to your life when you have a baby but we refuse for it to mean we can’t do a lot of things we did before, especially being outdoors. That’s where Osprey has come into our lives.


You guys, I am IN LOVE with our Osprey Poco AG Premium child carrier. My husband was an avid climber and outdoorsman so he was very familiar with and trusted the brand. This pack has a ridiculous amount of features. For starters, there’s a smaller backpack attached to the carrier. It can either stay on the carrier or be removed (not pictured in the picture above because I was already wearing it!) So for us, one of us carries the baby, the other carries the extra backpack of our necessary items like diapers and food.  The bottom section of the bag also zippers open for additional storage space and there’s several other pockets on the straps too.

It’s obvious that not just outdoorsman designed this pack, but also parents helped with the design. There is a removable drool pad, stirrups for baby’s feet as they grow and a sunshade that comes up to surround baby. The sunshade is up in the picture above and can be put down and tucked away. Most important to me is my daughter’s comfort. The pack does no good if she’s fidgety and unhappy the whole time. We recently went on an 8 mile, 3 hour hike. It was the longest she’d ever been in there and I was worried about how she’d do. She was content and happy the whole time! She even ended up falling asleep for about 30 minutes resting her head on the drool pad.

My husband has been the one typically carrying her and he has always felt comfortable and light. For reference, he’s about 5’11 and moves the adjustable torso to the large position.

However, WOMEN DO NOT SHY AWAY from wearing it too! I ended up carrying the baby and pack for just over an hour of our hike. At first I felt a lot of strain on my hips (but I do have terrible hips in general). After a while we readjusted the pack and it felt MUCH better and easier. The pack NEVER actually felt heavy, just uncomfortable at first until we readjusted it. For reference, I’m 5’3, 105 lbs. I had it in the XS position and had every strap as tight as it could go.


I do think I would have been even more comfortable with an XXS setting for the torso height but I’m still not complaining. I have a small torso and the pack already goes from large to extra small making it super versatile.

Bit of advice for anyone with long hair … WEAR A HAT! My daughter found this to the the perfect opportunity to learn how to pull hair! If you have little to no hair, BONUS you get an awesome head massage!


We have had a couple weekends where we couldn’t hike because of it being rainy season where we live. However, I recently saw that Osprey has a full size rain cover for the pack that I can’t wait to get!

Lastly, what I love about this Osprey pack is that we haven’t only used it for outdoor activities. We travel a lot and the pack has come in super handy at the airport as well. It allows us to be hands free, she can sit up in it without us carrying her (pictured below) and it folds flat to fit perfectly into the overhead bins on airplanes.


Some may have difficulty getting past the price of the pack. Osprey has child carriers ranging from $250 – $330. Don’t let this deter you, save up! If you love the outdoors and don’t want to decide between adventure and kids this pack is worth every single cent!

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