Welcome to Loud Is Ladylike!

Hi all! Welcome to our blog, loudisladylike.com. We are two sisters who couldn’t have been more different growing up. It wasn’t until we approached adulthood (and no longer had to share a room!) that our differences began to dissipate and we recognized how much we really had in common. These days, we live a world apart from one another thanks to the twists and turns of life. We may have pleaded with our parents for years to give us our own rooms but surely neither of us ever anticipated being this far apart! We are thankful, though, for the luxury of technology – especially FaceTime –  because we are able to keep in touch with ease.

It was during one such FaceTime call not long ago that we began to discuss the possibility of creating this blog. The idea behind our site is that the world becomes better as voices are added to every kind of discussion. Having daughters, we are particularly aware of the ways in which outspokenness is often discouraged in young girls and are making it our mission to ensure ALL girls grow up to be as confident, articulate, and brave as they can be. We want them to know that their perspective is vital, that their voice is unique, and that their vision is necessary. In short, we want our daughters to know that being loud is ladylike.

We hope you will join us in our quest to make this a reality. We plan on discussing everything from our lives as military spouses, to current events, and even our favorite recipes. And when the stars align, you lucky folks may even get to hear from our older, wiser sister. Thanks for your support and happy reading!


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3 thoughts on “Welcome to Loud Is Ladylike!

  1. I look forward to all you have to share! I have three daughters who have grown into brave young women and I am a fan of the idea that loud is ladylike. 😊🎉


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